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People refer to it by different names: embroidery, patches, needlework, or even textile art or stitchery. However, in tattoo world the name depends by style we are working with.

I mainly create three: embroidery, patches, and cross-stitch, but I am always open to trying new techniques.


Embroidery usually looks more realistic, because it involves making stitches in different sizes and shapes over various patterns. You can use a mixture of stitches to create the desired effect, and techniques such as blending colours or thread painting help to add more dimension. Sometimes it requires having borders, sometimes not. Depends by the design


Patches (sometimes referred to as "cloth badges" in the fabric industry) are a form of embroidery. However, patches usually have a more simplified design and include mandatory elements such as an outside border (often colorful) and inside border lines.


Cross stitch involves making small X-shaped stitches over a grid pattern. It uses one color of thread for each row, which creates a pattern that looks like woven cloth when viewed from the back side of the workpiece.


Knitting has a bolder appearance and uses thicker threads, which can create a more textured and chunky feel.