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What you should know if you decide to cover your tattoo.

  1. Only dark/black ink can cover up old dark/black tattoos. It is impossible to cover it up with your skin tone as some artists claim. For example: If you try to cover a black marker with lighter ones, it will still be visible. The same goes for tattoos.

  2. Covering up with white ink is possible but will usually become much darker after the aftercare process and may require 3-4 sessions to be fully effective. It can also result in a scar, and the brightness will not be the same as a new tattoo.

  3. The new tattoo will usually need to be at least twice as big as the old one to cover it up effectively. This is because most old tattoos are dark, and we need to ensure that the dark parts or shadows will cover the old tattoo.

  4. Be prepared for multiple sessions, especially if it's not just blackwork. This is because we don't know what ink was used previously or how deep the tattoo is. Old ink can push out new ink during the healing process, so we may need to add another layer to make it stay.

  5. Some tones cannot cover others. This is due to color theory, where some colors are naturally darker than others.


Many artists don't like to do cover-ups due to the limited possibilities. However, because I work in different styles, I am always open to it. Check out some of my cover-up examples below.


I am open to fixing tattoos only if it fits within my style. But don't hesitate to ask! I can always provide you with all the options you have.

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